We Install Tires in St. Louis, Missouri

Tires connect the vehicle to the road offering the best compromise between grip, durability, handling and comfort.

In addition to providing great service and maintenance, University Foreign Car also sells and installs tires in St. Louis, Missouri. Call us today at 314-291-2277.

How can tires fail?

Tires gradually wear down as a result of normal driving. Wear happens faster during extreme acceleration, cornering and braking, or when tire inflation pressures are incorrect. Many newer vehicles use tire pressure monitoring systems to alert the driver if the pressure is incorrect. TPMS sensors are often battery powered and the batteries can fail over time. Road debris or obstacles can also damage the tire.

Results of failure

Low tread is particularly dangerous when driving on wet roads. When the surface water is unable to be channeled through the tread grooves, the surface water can build a pressure wave in front of the wheel, lifting the tire off the road. Low tread depth also significantly increases braking distances. Over or under-inflated tires, or tires on vehicles with worn suspension components will show abnormal wear patterns.

Required Service or Repairs

Tires tread depth should be inspected regularly, and tires replaced when necessary.

Buying & Installing Tires in St. Louis

University Foreign Car sells and installs tires in St. Louis, Missouri. Contact us today and we will get you back on the road with a new set of tires.

University Foreign Car sells & installs tires in St. Louis, Missouri.
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