Repair and Maintenance

We'll let you know if it's time to repair some basics

For any service on your Volvo, European or Japanese vehicle, from bumper-to-bumper we will take care of you.

Repair & Maintenance Services                

University Foreign Car prides itself on providing dealer level value for your money without dealer level prices.

Check Engine Light Flashing | Car Won’t Start | Engine Running Rough | Shaking, Pulling, Hesitating
Poor Gas Mileage | Car Smoking | Leaking Coolant | Leaking Oil or Transmission Fluid | Leaking Differential Transmission Shifting Hard or Not Shifting | Steering Hard | Engine Running Hot
Steaming Radiator | Squeeky Brakes | Brake Pedal Shaking | Soft Brakes | Brakes Locking Up
Air Conditioning Blowing Hot | Heater Blowing Cold | Power Windows or Locks Not Working

Front & Rear Brake Pads | Brake Rotors | Brake Master Cylinder | Power Brake Booster | Brake Lines | Brake System Bleeding | Parking Brake Adjustments & Repair

Fuel System:
Fuel Injector Cleaning | Fuel Pump |  Fuel Filter

Air Conditioning & Heating:
AC Freon Recharge | A/C Compressor | Condenser | AC System Hoses & Seals  AC System Conversion From R-12 to R-134A | Heater Core | Heater Hoses

Power Steering Pump | Steering Column | Front End Repair | Front-end Alignment

Radiator &
 Engine Cooling System:
Radiator Replacement or Repair | Hose Replacement | Intake Gasket Head Gaskets

Transmission & Powertrain: Transmission Rebuilding | New Transmissions | Rebuilt Transmission Swaps Rear Differential Repair & Replacement | Clutch & Pressure Plate Replacement | Clutch Slave Cylinder & Hydraulic Clutch Fluid | Flywheel

Shorts Located & Eliminated | Starters | Alternators | Battery Testing & Replacement | Ignition System | Coils | Distributor Cap & Rotor

Turbocharger Cleaning : Turbo Repair & Replacement

New Tires at Competitive Prices (Compare and See!) | Tire Mounting | Wheel Balancing


Check Engine Light Analysis | Sensors | Oxygen (02) Sensor | Mufflers | Exhaust | Catalytic Converters | EGR Valve

Tune-Up, Lube & Oil Change, Transmission Fluid Change, Coolant Flush, Differential Fluid change, Air & Fuel Filters, Cabin Air Filters | PCV Valve

Even though we specialize in Volvo automobiles, we also service Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Lexus, Infinity, Toyota, & Honda.

But if you have a vehicle in your family that is of a different make, we’ll be happy to service it as well with the same high standard of care we follow on European & Japanese vehicles!