Repair and Maintenance

We'll let you know if it's time to repair some basics

For any service on your Volvo, European or Japanese vehicle, from bumper-to-bumper we will take care of you.

Repair & Maintenance Services                

University Foreign Car prides itself on providing dealer level value for your money without dealer level prices.

Check Engine Light Flashing | Car Won’t Start | Engine Running Rough | Shaking, Pulling, Hesitating
Poor Gas Mileage | Car Smoking | Leaking Coolant | Leaking Oil or Transmission Fluid | Leaking Differential Transmission Shifting Hard or Not Shifting | Steering Hard | Engine Running Hot
Steaming Radiator | Squeeky Brakes | Brake Pedal Shaking | Soft Brakes | Brakes Locking Up
Air Conditioning Blowing Hot | Heater Blowing Cold | Power Windows or Locks Not Working

Front & Rear Brake Pads | Brake Rotors | Brake Master Cylinder | Power Brake Booster | Brake Lines | Brake System Bleeding | Parking Brake Adjustments & Repair

Fuel System:
Fuel Injector Cleaning | Fuel Pump |  Fuel Filter

Air Conditioning & Heating:
AC Freon Recharge | A/C Compressor | Condenser | AC System Hoses & Seals  AC System Conversion From R-12 to R-134A | Heater Core | Heater Hoses

Power Steering Pump | Steering Column | Front End Repair | Front-end Alignment

Radiator &
 Engine Cooling System:
Radiator Replacement or Repair | Hose Replacement | Intake Gasket Head Gaskets

Transmission & Powertrain: Transmission Rebuilding | New Transmissions | Rebuilt Transmission Swaps Rear Differential Repair & Replacement | Clutch & Pressure Plate Replacement | Clutch Slave Cylinder & Hydraulic Clutch Fluid | Flywheel

Shorts Located & Eliminated | Starters | Alternators | Battery Testing & Replacement | Ignition System | Coils | Distributor Cap & Rotor

Turbocharger Cleaning : Turbo Repair & Replacement

New Tires at Competitive Prices (Compare and See!) | Tire Mounting | Wheel Balancing


Check Engine Light Analysis | Sensors | Oxygen (02) Sensor | Mufflers | Exhaust | Catalytic Converters | EGR Valve

Tune-Up, Lube & Oil Change, Transmission Fluid Change, Coolant Flush, Differential Fluid change, Air & Fuel Filters, Cabin Air Filters | PCV Valve

Even though we specialize in Volvo automobiles, we also service Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Lexus, Infinity, Toyota, & Honda.

But if you have a vehicle in your family that is of a different make, we’ll be happy to service it as well with the same high standard of care we follow on European & Japanese vehicles!

Missouri Safety and Emissions Inspections

Find us on the Missouri State Highway Patrol's official list of Inspection Station Locations

University Foreign Car is an Official Vehicle Inspection Station in Bridgeton, Missouri.

We perform safety and emissions inspections on passenger vehicles daily.

Give us a call to setup a time for your inspection, or let us know that you’re dropping off your vehicle.

Auto Body Shop and Collision Repair

We can help you file your insurance claim.

Auto Body Shop & Collision Repair
Full Service Collision Repair
Auto Painting
Bumper Replacement
Hail Damage Repair
Frame Straightening

Dent Removal
Theft Recovery Repair
Windshield Replacement
Side & Rear Auto Glass Replacement


Accessory Installations

We can fine-tune your car

Sunroofs, factory options and add-ons